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    How to Choose the Right Vibration-Resistant Fastener

    Fasteners are designed for all sorts of applications, from heavy-duty construction to mounting a circuit board, and there are almost as many fastener designs as there are applications. The toughest and most secure fasteners have to be used in rugged applications, such as engine mounts, rail cars, factory equipment, cars, or anywhere that constant shaking would loosen most nuts and bolts. Vibration-resistant fasteners are specifically designed to be especially resilient for these applications, but to prevent a joint from failing, you have to know how to choose the right vibration-resistant fastener.

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    Should I Consider Automating My Production Process?

    This blog is the first in a series of articles by Tim Bartlett on productivity, returned value, and cost.

    Automation should only be considered if it brings real value to the process or business. Value can take the form of improved assembly speed, but, although this is the most common reason for automating, it is not always the most valuable or most effective at improving productivity and returning value.

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    Unboxing and Review: Marson BT-2A 16 Volt Riveting Tool

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    3 Benefits of Using Rivet Nuts

    Fasteners come in all shapes and sizes, and when you choose the right fastener for the task, you want something that is easy to install and that provides a reliable joint. That’s why rivet nuts are frequently the fastener of choice for use in the field and on the assembly line.

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    Unboxing and Review: GESIPA AccuBird Pro 2200 Brushless Cordless Riveting Tool

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    5 Popular Cordless Rivet Guns to Buy

    Cordless tools offer a new degree of freedom, whether you are working at your bench, in the production line, or on the job site. This is especially true of cordless rivet guns. Eliminating the pneumatic hoses makes it easier to use handheld riveters in tight locations, and the power and battery life for cordless rivet tools continues to improve, so they can be used for most riveting applications.

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    Product Spotlight on POP Avdel ProSet XT Range Rivet Tools

    When you want speed and efficiency for fastening applications, there is nothing like a rivet. Rivets are versatile and permanent, which is why they are commonly used in aerospace, automotive, railroad manufacturing, heavy machinery, and even electronics. Rivets can be used to connect everything from steel and metals to fiberglass and plastics. But to get the most from any type of rivet, you need the right type of riveting tool, and some of the most popular and versatile tools available are the POP Avdel ProSet® XT riveting tool line from STANLEY Engineering Fastening.

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    Essential Definition: What Is a Coil Thread Insert?

    In the past, we have written about rivet nut threaded inserts as an elegant way to add a threaded fastener to soft substrates. However, there is more than one way to repair a stripped tap hole or add a strong, lasting threaded insert to soft materials. Coil thread inserts provide a strong threaded wall that can be used in virtually any type of hole to accommodate a bolt or threaded fastener.

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    How to Choose the Correct Blind Rivet Size

    Blind rivets are high-performance fasteners that are long-lasting and can be set from one side of a joint. They are easy to install and form a tight, permanent bond that resists vibration and corrosion. That’s why blind rivets are widely used in a variety of industries, from agriculture to automotive to consumer electronics. However, as with any type of blind bolt or rivet, to get lasting performance you have to use the right materials and the right blind rivet size.

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    Sales Tax Changes and You: The Bay Supply Commitment

    We at Bay Supply don’t need to tell our customers how complex state sales tax laws are. You probably already know the minefield that collecting the correct taxes from your clients and customers can be.

    Trust us: We feel your pain. Recent court rulings and updated state laws have expanded the number of states from which Bay Supply must collect sales tax—even some we don’t have an actual physical presence in. This is challenging for us, because 50 states means 50 different ways we collect and submit sales taxes. 

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