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    All About Using Helical Inserts

    Stripped threads can be a nightmare, especially when dealing with soft materials such as aluminum, magnesium, or plastic. When you have a stripped fitting where a bolt just won’t hold or needs reinforcement, you need to find a way to make a fastener connection that is strong and worry-free. That’s when you need a helical insert.

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    6 Recommendations for Vibration Resistant Fasteners

    Traditional fasteners loosen under vibration. No matter how hard you tighten them, nuts and bolts will loosen with time if they are subjected to regular shaking. In order to solve the problem, engineers developed new types of vibration-resistant fasteners, so today you have a variety of fastener types from which to choose.

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    KATO Fastening Systems: Offering Quality Helical Inserts and Tools

    Helical inserts are the most innovative and secure means of installing fasteners in stripped screw holes or soft materials. Bay Supply carries a variety of helical inserts and helical coil products, and Kato Fastening Systems inserts continue to be a top seller because they provide permanent, wear-resistant threads for almost any job.

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