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Key Things You Need to Know When Using a Huck Bolt

Throughout the history of mechanical construction, there has always been a need for a completely permanent fastening system—one that essentially becomes a part of the piece on which it is used. Welding two objects together is one such fastening method, but it requires expert installers using high temperatures, gases, and heavy protective equipment, all of which make it difficult to accomplish, especially in hard-to-reach locations.

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Essential Definition: What is a Blind Bolt?

What Is a Blind Bolt?

A blind bolt is a structural fastener that delivers more strength and adaptability than a typical rivet or weld. They were developed to forge a strong connection where conventional rivets or hex bolts were hard to fit or just couldn’t do the job.


When you need a structural fastener that delivers more strength and adaptability than a typical rivet or weld, there is nothing like a blind bolt.

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The Blind Bolt Fasteners You Need for Different Applications (Such as Aerospace)

A blind bolt fastener is a structural fastener that offers greater strength and adaptability than a weld or rivet. The term “blind” bolt comes from the fact that you can only see one side of the workpiece when you apply these fasteners. Using pre-drilled holes, you can fasten two pieces together without having to access the other side.

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Huck Bolt and Its Three Different Types

Vibration-resistant bolts are commonly used when manufacturing of heavy equipment, truck repair, and for other applications in which old-fashioned nuts and bolts won’t stand up to the task. One of the most popular and reliable fastener brands is the Huck bolt from Arconic Fastening Systems.

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Huck BOM: Engineered for a Sturdy, Vibration-Resistant Joint

Blind fasteners have been around for decades, but manufacturers continue to find new ways to improve them. They make them out of better materials with improved designs and new features and benefits that make them easier to use. One of the most popular and reliable fasteners is the Huck BOM® blind fastener.

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Essential Definition: What is a Lockbolt?

What is a Lockbolt?

Lockbolts are just what they sound like—bolts that lock in place when installed so they won’t loosen over time, even with extreme stress and vibration. Lockbolts are used in a variety of applications in place of a rivet or conventional bolt because of their superior strength and lasting performance.

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A Look into Bay Supply's Hottest-Selling Products

The construction industry continues to grow, and that means an increasing demand for industrial fasteners and lockbolts. By the end of the third quarter in 2018, construction spending was up 5.5 percent over the previous year, and 2019 promises even more growth.

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2018 Mashup—Insights from Our Top Six Most Read Blog Posts

Over the past year, our team at Bay Supply has been working diligently to be your go-to source to learn all about the top engineered fastening and riveting system brands. At Bay Supply, we aim to provide not only the most comprehensive inventory at the lowest prices; we strive to provide a wealth of informative resources to the engineering and manufacturing community, too.

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[Infographic] A Professional's Guide to Huck Bolts

HuckBolts® offer an outstanding alternative to traditional nut-and-bolt hardware; delivering functionality when welds simply won’t work. Featuring an exclusive locking groove design that ensures a tight fit, HuckBolts® provide superior fastening performance regardless of which lock bolt type you require. Easier to install and more durable than welding, adhesives, or conventional threaded fastening systems, HuckBolts® have been the professionals’ choice for decades.

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4 Tips for Using Steel Structural Blind Bolts

With many heavy duty, industrial applications, regular fasteners usually don’t make sense. For jobs where one side of the workpiece is unreachable or where welding isn’t an option, steel structural blind bolts are the perfect permanent and secure solution.

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