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Huck BOM: Engineered for a Sturdy, Vibration-Resistant Joint


Huck BOM- Engineered for a Sturdy, Vibration-Resistant Joint

Blind fasteners have been around for decades, but manufacturers continue to find new ways to improve them. They make them out of better materials with improved designs and new features and benefits that make them easier to use. One of the most popular and reliable fasteners is the Huck BOM® blind fastener.Made by Arconic Fastening Systems, Huck’s blind, oversized, mechanically locked fastener (BOM) is stronger than rivets. In fact, it’s four times stronger than conventional fasteners. It also features a push/pull installation sequence that is easy and accurate, making installation fast with little or no training.

Ideal for High-Stress Applications

Part of the reason that the Huck BOM is so popular is because of its strength and its resistance to vibration. Once installed, the fastener will not work loose, and its thread form resists fatigue, which extends the life of the application. Huck BOMs are especially popular for high-stress applications such as military equipment, auto suspensions, rail cars, automated material handling equipment, and warehouse conveyor systems—any assembly that is subject to continual vibration.

The Huck BOM is a popular alternative to threaded fasteners or welding materials because it creates an extremely tight joint. The Huck BOM is tighter than conventional blind fasteners, making it extremely tamper-resistant and hard to remove without the necessary tools.

Its strength comes from the blind bolt design. Fasteners such as the Huck BOM consist of a pin and a collar. The pin fits through pre-drilled holes, and when the collar is tightened, it presses the pin firmly in place so it won’t move.

Easy to Install and Easy to Inspect

The Huck BOM is installed like any blind bolt. The pin is positioned in pre-drilled holes with the head on the blind side and the pintail on the visible side. The collar is then fitted over the pin and tightened for a seal.

Once a fastener tool is in place over the pintail, the tool pulls on the pintail and the unique collar design of the Huck BOM “stands off” the swaging action until the maximum allowable bulb is formed on the backside of the join. As the tool pulls, the work pieces are drawn together. The swaging anvil overcomes the standoff to move down the collar and securely and permanently lock the collar to the pin. To complete installation, the tool then ejects the fastener and easily releases the puller.

Choosing the Right Huck BOM Installation Tool

Another attractive feature of using Huck BOMs is that they are very easy to install. Simply fit the installation tool over the collar, press the trigger, and that’s it. Anyone can be trained to use a Huck BOM tool in minutes. Arconic offers two basic types of installation tools for the Huck BOM: pneudraulic and hydraulic. Here are some of the Arconic tools most commonly used with the Huck BOM:

  • The Model 254 is a lightweight pneudraulic unit at 8.76 pounds designed for shop or field use with a two-finger trigger and a minimum stroke of 0.565 inches. It can drive up to 30 fasteners per minute. 
  • The Model 256 is a heavy-duty pneudraulic unit at 11.1 pounds and is designed for high-speed production applications, installing up to 20 fasteners per minute.
  • The Model 2480 is a high-speed hydraulic tool that weighs 2.21 pounds and works with a variety of HuckBolts, including the Huck BOM.
  • The Model 2581 is a lightweight hydraulic tool with a pull capacity of 10,700 pounds. It has one moving part, which means more reliability and less maintenance.
  • The Model 2600 is a hydraulic riveter with a 2.250-inch stroke. It weighs 7.3 pounds and has a pull capacity of 13,840 pounds at 5,700 psi.
  • The Model 2624 hydraulic riveter has a 1.687-inch stroke and a pull capacity of 30,356 pounds at 6,500 psi. The Model 2624PTD also is available, featuring a passthrough with a deflector.
  • The Model 3585 hydraulic riveter has a 1.811-inch stroke with a pull capacity of 45,668 pounds at 7,400 psi.

Over the years, Huck has become one of the most trusted brands in blind bolts and blind bolt installation tools. They make Huck BOM fasteners in sizes ranging from 3/16 inches to 3/4 inches, as well as a variety of tools for every possible application.

Bay Supply has been a trusted Huck supplier for many years and is a Factory Authorized Repair Center for Huck tools. Our team of experts can help you select the right parts and the right tools for your needs.

Download the Essential Guide to Huck BOM and Avdel Avbolt