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SPIROL: Unique Fasteners for Manufacturable Components

Not all fasteners are off-the-shelf products. In addition to standard rivets, threaded inserts, and lockbolts, you sometimes need custom fasteners made for specialized tasks or a fastener specifically designed for manufacturing. That’s when you call SPIROL.

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HEICO Uses Bay Supply to Expand Reach for Cold-Formed Fasteners

The fastener industry is incredibly diverse, with products that fulfill various functions. Some of the most common fastener categories are rivets, lockbolts, threaded inserts, and pin fasteners.

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E-Z LOK and the Future of Threaded Inserts

When you think about different types of fasteners, you probably seldom think of threaded inserts, but they are essential for specific types of applications. There are many instances when you need a secure way to screw a bolt or attachment into softer materials or need to repair a stripped screw hole. That’s when threaded inserts can be invaluable.

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Why Huck Partners with Bay Supply

Everyone in the fastener business has heard of Huck fasteners. Huck, now a division of Howmet Aerospace, has been producing lockbolts and blind rivets since the 1930s. Today, they are used in a wide range of transportation, construction, manufacturing, and other applications. And the engineers at Huck continue to innovate with new bolt designs and applications.

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Allied Titanium Partners with Bay Supply

Titanium is the ideal material for long-lasting fasteners, and Allied Titanium is the leader in titanium fasteners. Allied Titanium has been designing innovative fasteners for more than 15 years. The company manufactures fasteners for applications such as boat making and marine applications, aerospace, and uses that require a strong and lightweight fastener. You’ll find Allied Titanium’s catalog of titanium fasteners on the Bay Supply Marketplace.

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Why Intercorp Partners with Bay Supply

The term "fasteners" covers many products, including rivets, blind bolts, lockbolts, threaded inserts, and more. One of the biggest fastener product categories is screws, and one of the biggest North American screw manufacturers is Intercorp.

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Why ATLAS Partners with Bay Supply

ATLAS is one of the best-known makers of fasteners, especially rivet nuts, and the Bay Supply Marketplace offers nearly 6,000 Atlas products. ATLAS has rivet nuts and threaded inserts for every industrial application, although they’re most commonly used in automotive manufacturing and transportation.

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Sherex Fastening Solutions and the Future of Fasteners

Market conditions are continually changing, and new trends lead to demand for new products. To keep pace with changes in the fastener marketplace and shine new light on emerging fastener applications, we decided to start a series of blog posts profiling fastener manufacturers. This post is from our conversation with Adam Pratt, president of Sherex Fastening Solutions, a longtime Bay Supply partner

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