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Mike is the COO of Bay Fastening Systems.

Why You Need to Understand Pop Rivet Sizes for Your Application

In 1934, an aircraft manufacturer approached the George Tucker Eyelet Company with a challenge: Could it design a rivet that could be set from one side, particularly if there was no access to the other side of the material? The company was up to the challenge and developed the first pop rivet—so named because of the popping sound made during installation.

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Streamlining Your Assembly Line: Precision Parts Placement

The assembly path to a completed product is often complex. The supply chain getting parts to the assembly line must be reliable. Necessary components must be of high quality and fit the tasks at hand. Assembly itself must be efficient.

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What Are Avseals, and How Can They Benefit Your Applications?

For some applications, a tight seal plugging a hole isn’t a luxury—it’s mandatory. Leaks of air or fluid are simply not acceptable, and you must have confidence that the seal you supply will perform as expected, even if you don’t have access to one side of the hole during installation.

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The Latest Advancement in Battery-Powered Adjustable Range Force Installation Tooling

Sometimes, the job you’re on doesn’t require more power, but versatile power as well as mobility. If that’s the case, Bay Supply will soon be offering a tool that is perfect for your needs.

Arconic and Makita have teamed up to produce the Huck Range Force Battery Tool. This incredible advancement in adjustable force lockbolt/blind rivet installation technology gives users industry-leading performance for practically any application.

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7 Applications for Nutserts and the Right Tools to Use

Blind rivets provide outstanding fastening functionality in places where you don’t have access to one side. But what if your application requires something a little less permanent than a rivet? What if you want to be able to undo bolts, but keep your options open to reinsert them as needed? And what if you can’t see the other side of the surface you are working on?

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Bay Supply Announces: It is Now an Authorized Distributor for Goebel Fasteners

Bay Supply, the largest engineered fastening supply warehouse in the United States, is pleased to announce it is now an authorized distributor of Goebel fasteners. Bay Supply has a proven track record in marketing and supporting emerging brands like Goebel.

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Fastener Industry Braces for Price Hikes—What You Need to Know

A major economic story of 2018 has been the tariffs the White House has imposed on other nations and the resulting trade war from tariffs being imposed back on the United States. Initially, tariffs on steel and aluminum did not apply to materials produced in Canada, Mexico, and the European Union, but as the trade war has escalated, those markets’ imports now are subject to tariffs as well—25 percent on steel, 10 percent on aluminum.

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6 Must-Haves When Looking for a Fastener Supplier

Your company needs fasteners for an immediate job, or perhaps you just need to stock up on your inventory. And that website you found offering rivets at unbelievably low prices is awfully enticing, but seems too good to be true.

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Are Your Blind Rivets Lightweight Enough for Your Application?

In modern manufacturing, especially in transportation, lighter is the becoming the new standard.

Vehicles that aren’t as heavy tend to get better mileage and fuel efficiency (including getting more from the charge on electric vehicles), are better for the environment, reduce structural fatigue, and can even improve performance. Increasingly, manufacturers are deciding lightweight manufacturing is smart business.

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The Pros and Cons of Using a Pneumatic Rivet Gun

A modern Boeing 747 contains about 1 million rivets. If each rivet took a hypothetical five seconds to place, you would need more than 57 days around the clock to complete the job. Of course, building a 747 takes longer than 57 days, but you get the idea—the labor behind the riveting for creating such an enormous machine is substantial.

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