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    Which Threaded Inserts are Best for Metal vs. Plastic?

    Threaded inserts are one of the most versatile types of fasteners and can be used in any material that needs to accept a threaded bolt. As with other types of fasteners, threaded inserts come in various configurations, designs, and materials to accommodate different types of jobs. There is a big difference between the types of threaded inserts used to add threaded fasteners to metal and those needed to add threaded fasteners to plastic because the characteristics of the work materials are so different.

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    How to Identify the Best Rivet Guns for Your Application

    No matter what type of assembly or manufacturing job you have, chances are you use rivets. Rivets continue to prove themselves to be among the most versatile fasteners with designs for a wide range of applications. Of course, rivets only deliver their promised performance if they are installed properly. That’s why understanding which rivet gun to use for the job is vitally important.

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    Our Recommended Specialty Fastener Types for Common Applications

    Not all fasteners are created equal. A different type of fastener is available for every type of application you can think of, and choosing the right fastener for the job ensures a lasting and trouble-free joint. The question is, which of the myriad fastener types is appropriate for each task?

    Here are four of the most common applications that require fasteners and the best types of fasteners for each one.

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    Reviewing the Different Types of Threaded Inserts Available

    Threaded inserts are one of the most versatile types of fasteners available, partly because they are available in so many different types and materials. When you need to create a lasting bond in a thin, soft, or brittle material, threaded inserts are your best option.

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    How to Choose the Right Vibration-Resistant Fastener

    Fasteners are designed for all sorts of applications, from heavy-duty construction to mounting a circuit board, and there are almost as many fastener designs as there are applications. The toughest and most secure fasteners have to be used in rugged applications, such as engine mounts, rail cars, factory equipment, cars, or anywhere that constant shaking would loosen most nuts and bolts. Vibration-resistant fasteners are specifically designed to be especially resilient for these applications, but to prevent a joint from failing, you have to know how to choose the right vibration-resistant fastener.

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    Top 5 Considerations When Choosing a Cordless Rivet Tool

    Rivets have been a staple in the fastener industry for nearly a century and, while the basic design of the rivet has not changed, riveting tools continue to improve. The latest innovation is the cordless rivet tool, which is lighter and more portable than pneumatic rivet tools, and new designs are making the cordless rivet tool more powerful and more versatile.

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    3 Benefits of Using Rivet Nuts

    Fasteners come in all shapes and sizes, and when you choose the right fastener for the task, you want something that is easy to install and that provides a reliable joint. That’s why rivet nuts are frequently the fastener of choice for use in the field and on the assembly line.

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    5 Popular Cordless Rivet Guns to Buy

    Cordless tools offer a new degree of freedom, whether you are working at your bench, in the production line, or on the job site. This is especially true of cordless rivet guns. Eliminating the pneumatic hoses makes it easier to use handheld riveters in tight locations, and the power and battery life for cordless rivet tools continues to improve, so they can be used for most riveting applications.

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    Product Spotlight on POP Avdel ProSet XT Range Rivet Tools

    When you want speed and efficiency for fastening applications, there is nothing like a rivet. Rivets are versatile and permanent, which is why they are commonly used in aerospace, automotive, railroad manufacturing, heavy machinery, and even electronics. Rivets can be used to connect everything from steel and metals to fiberglass and plastics. But to get the most from any type of rivet, you need the right type of riveting tool, and some of the most popular and versatile tools available are the POP Avdel ProSet® XT riveting tool line from STANLEY Engineering Fastening.

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    Essential Definition: What Is a Coil Thread Insert?

    In the past, we have written about rivet nut threaded inserts as an elegant way to add a threaded fastener to soft substrates. However, there is more than one way to repair a stripped tap hole or add a strong, lasting threaded insert to soft materials. Coil thread inserts provide a strong threaded wall that can be used in virtually any type of hole to accommodate a bolt or threaded fastener.

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