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Mike is the COO of Bay Fastening Systems. to Distribute Champion Cutting Tool Products, a Division of Bay Fastening Systems, Inc. announced that it will begin to distribute the Champion Cutting Tool Corp. line of products. Including cutting tools and drill presses used in the conjunction of fasteners.

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Using the Bay Supply Website places the power at your fingertips! Save time and build profits!

There has never been anything like the new website. Designed specifically for Distributors, this data-rich and dynamic portal delivers unprecedented power to find, order and track shipments of fasteners, power, and manual tools, tool parts and accessories, adhesives, sealants, and tapes.

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Bay Supply Introduces Small Increment Packets for Testing Specialized Fasteners

Bay Supply, a Division of Bay Fastening Systems announced today that it has introduced small increment packet ordering for Distributors and OEMs to enable them to test specialized fasteners. Bay's semi-automatic bagging equipment allows broken carton increment packaging to provide users with smaller quantities.

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Bay Fastening Systems and Sherex Fastening Solutions Form a Strategic Partnership

Bay Fastening Systems and Sherex Fastening Solutions, Tonawanda, New York have formed a strategic partnership to expand their mutual product offerings. The new alliance will initiate with Bay providing shelf stock inventory of Sherex’s NAS/MS Mil-Spec Rivetnuts for immediate delivery to the marketplace. 

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Largest Fastener Inventory Resource Helps Build Your Profits

Distributors: Here’s a NEW way to streamline your work and make more money!

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Forecasting Sales and Economic Growth For 2017

When industrial supply distribution companies attempt to establish reasonable sales forecasts entering the New Year, they use a diverse arsenal of mixed resources and economic forecasting methods.

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Bay Supply Introduces the BayFast Brand

Bay Supply Introduces the BayFast Brand, quality engineered fasteners at considerable savings and hard-to-find items. 

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