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Bay Supply Introduces Small Increment Packets for Testing Specialized Fasteners



Bay Supply, a Division of Bay Fastening Systems announced today that it has introduced small increment packet ordering for Distributors and OEMs to enable them to test specialized fasteners. Bay's semi-automatic bagging equipment allows broken carton increment packaging to provide users with smaller quantities.

Michael Eichinger, Bay's COO, commented, "We recognized that many of our customers are restricted by large manufacturer’s minimum order requirements. Testing of specialized fasteners is an important part of assembly efficiency assessment before completely revamping production. The quality of a specific fastener, integrity, and consistency in reliable settings and appearance along with labor and time-saving features are important factors to improve efficiency. Large-scale consumption commitments are not economical, and even previous small sample requests were too large for testing.”

Bay Supply is a Master Distributor which maintains a large and varied inventory of fasteners and is offering through its new Bagging Division small increment packets for testing order requirements. Distributors and OEMs can now evaluate new fastening technology for R&D in improving their production output. OEM's typically test a small segment of production before making a significant investment in new fastening and installation systems. If a new installation system of tooling is required, Bay can also facilitate renting or in some cases, coordinating a demo system for short term testing.

Bay supplies Distributors, VMI service providers and OEMs with modified customization, technical support, and a factory authorized repair and service facility with complete inventories of parts for maintenance and support to serve any line-down scenarios. 

Bay Fastening Systems, Inc, is a leading international authorized Master Distributor of rivets, Huck bolts, threaded inserts, coil thread inserts and aerospace MS/NAS rivet nuts. Leading brands include Stanley, POP, Avdel, Sherex, Huck, Marson, Gesipa, AVK, Atlas/Penn, Champion and more. Bay recently launched the world’s largest e-commerce engineered fastener web portal (www.BaySupply.com) Bay Fastening Systems also provides a complete line of tools, full technical support, installation systems and factory authorized repair division.

For additional information, please contact:

Michael Eichinger, COO

Bay Supply
30 Banfi Plaza North
Farmingdale, New York 11735
Email: meichinger@baysupply.com
Phone: 516-294-4100

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