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The Latest Advancement in Battery-Powered Adjustable Range Force Installation Tooling

Sometimes, the job you’re on doesn’t require more power, but versatile power as well as mobility. If that’s the case, Bay Supply will soon be offering a tool that is perfect for your needs.

Arconic and Makita have teamed up to produce the Huck Range Force Battery Tool. This incredible advancement in adjustable force lockbolt/blind rivet installation technology gives users industry-leading performance for practically any application.

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Bay Supply Announces: It is Now an Authorized Distributor for Goebel Fasteners

Bay Supply, the largest engineered fastening supply warehouse in the United States, is pleased to announce it is now an authorized distributor of Goebel fasteners. Bay Supply has a proven track record in marketing and supporting emerging brands like Goebel.

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Bay Supply Becomes Fully Authorized Distributor of the New Recoil® Tangless Helical Inserts

Bay Supply, a division of Bay Fastening Systems, Inc has become the first U.S. distributor of the new Recoil® tangless helical inserts. This new fastener technology of tangless and threaded inserts has now moved from European and Asian markets to the United States.

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Bay Supply to Distribute FAR Fasteners and Tools

Bay Supply, a Division of Bay Fastening Systems, recently announced that it has become a Master Stocking Distributor of the FAR line of fasteners and tools for the Eastern United States.

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Cherry® Rivet Tools Are Back In Stock at Bay Supply

Time to check out the CHERRY® GHA-743 Power Riveter, proven heavy-duty workhorse ideal for tough truck/transit fastener jobs. 

Read More to Distribute Craftline Storage Systems Products, a Division of Bay Fastening Systems, Inc announced that it will begin to distribute the Craftline Storage Systems line of standard and custom storage solutions. Craftline is a division of Platt & LaBonia Company, LLC, North Haven, Conn.

Read More to Distribute Champion Cutting Tool Products, a Division of Bay Fastening Systems, Inc. announced that it will begin to distribute the Champion Cutting Tool Corp. line of products. Including cutting tools and drill presses used in the conjunction of fasteners.

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Bay Supply Introduces Small Increment Packets for Testing Specialized Fasteners

Bay Supply, a Division of Bay Fastening Systems announced today that it has introduced small increment packet ordering for Distributors and OEMs to enable them to test specialized fasteners. Bay's semi-automatic bagging equipment allows broken carton increment packaging to provide users with smaller quantities.

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Bay Fastening Systems and Sherex Fastening Solutions Form a Strategic Partnership

Bay Fastening Systems and Sherex Fastening Solutions, Tonawanda, New York have formed a strategic partnership to expand their mutual product offerings. The new alliance will initiate with Bay providing shelf stock inventory of Sherex’s NAS/MS Mil-Spec Rivetnuts for immediate delivery to the marketplace. 

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Bay Supply Introduces the BayFast Brand

Bay Supply Introduces the BayFast Brand, quality engineered fasteners at considerable savings and hard-to-find items. 

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