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Bay Supply Becomes Fully Authorized Distributor of the New Recoil® Tangless Helical Inserts


Fully Authorized Recoil® Tangless Helical Insert Distributor | Bay Supply

Bay Supply, a division of Bay Fastening Systems, Inc has become the first U.S. distributor of the new Recoil® tangless helical inserts. This new fastener technology of tangless and threaded inserts has now moved from European and Asian markets to the United States.

Cliff Bernard, CEO of Bay Supply, commented: “We are pleased to have been chosen as the first authorized distributor for these advance precision inserts. All are designed to offer reliable thread strength benefits while eliminating the risk of losing a tang. Bay Supply will stock a complete inventory of free-running, screw-locking designs as well as strip-fed styles. We will also provide pneumatic and electronic tooling, repair parts, factory trained service technicians and of course our technical advice experts.”

These new inserts do not require a tang to complete the installation process instead they employ a driving notch. Without a tang to possibly break off it eliminates a full step in the installation – no vacuuming or tang extraction. This new design is ideal for high volume applications found in high-tech manufacturing, electronic devices and wherever high-precision and smaller diameters are required. Its bi-directional design eliminates insert orientation and need for insert checking prior to each installation.

Tangless inserts are easily adjusted or removed after installation – just reinsert the installation tool and wind or unwind. Removal tools never touch the application. Since there are no loose tangs to possibly damage the finished product there is no risk of waste falling into engines, electronic assemblies or other environments.

Bay Fastening Systems is a leading, international distributor of rivets, Huck Bolts, threaded and coil inserts and aerospace MS/NAS rivet nuts. Authorized brands include Stanley , Huck, POP, Avdel, Sherex, Marson, Gesipa, AVK, Atlas/Penn, Champion, Craftline and more. Recently it launched the world’s largest e-commerce engineered fastener web portal www.BaySupply.com. It features hundreds of thousands of fasteners and combinations, a complete line of tools, full technical information, and installation systems. Bay has a factory authorized repair division.

For additional information, please contact Michael Eichinger, COO meichinger@baysupply.com 516-294-4100, Bay Supply, 30 Banfi Plaza North, Farmingdale, New York 11735