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    Our Recommended Specialty Fastener Types for Common Applications

    Not all fasteners are created equal. A different type of fastener is available for every type of application you can think of, and choosing the right fastener for the job ensures a lasting and trouble-free joint. The question is, which of the myriad fastener types is appropriate for each task?

    Here are four of the most common applications that require fasteners and the best types of fasteners for each one.

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    5 Benefits to Working with a Top Speciality Engineered Fastener Supplier

    It doesn’t matter what type of business you operate; you need materials and supplies, and that means you also need suppliers. If you are in manufacturing, fabrication, construction, repairs, or any of a host of other industries that require industrial fasteners, then you need a reliable fastener supplier who can provide cost-effective fasteners to meet your needs. However, there is more to being a top-notch fastener supplier than shipping rivets and blind bolts.

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    What Do Some of the Top Specialty Fastener Distributors Have in Common?

    If you can’t get the parts you need when you need them, then your business will grind to a halt. This is especially true with specialized rivets, inserts, or lockbolt systems (and their respective installation tools). Whether you are in manufacturing, construction, transportation, aerospace, or any other industry that uses specialty fasteners, if you don’t have the right parts in stock, then work stops. That’s why you need a reliable distributor that is sure to have access to the high-quality parts and tools you need and can deliver them fast to keep your business running. 

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    6 Must-Haves When Looking for a Fastener Supplier

    Your company needs fasteners for an immediate job, or perhaps you just need to stock up on your inventory. And that website you found offering rivets at unbelievably low prices is awfully enticing, but seems too good to be true.

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    5 Mistakes OEMs Make when Choosing a Fastener Supplier

    No matter what type of OEM or manufacturing operation you have, maintaining reliable suppliers and parts has to be a priority. It’s amazing how many OEMs go for lowest price or quickest delivery without checking out the supplier. Too often, they get stuck with inferior parts, the wrong part, or the supplier is unable to provide parts the next time and OEMs have to hunt for a new source.

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    How to Make Buying Fasteners Online More Efficient

    With thousands of fasteners available for purchase online, you need a wholesaler that can deliver an efficient shopping solution. This means a company that lets you narrow down your options to find the fasteners you need—quickly and efficiently—and delivers them with that same commitment.

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    Buying Fasteners Online? Look for these 4 traits

    Although fasteners might seem like nothing more than a small piece to a much larger project, they’re actually an incredibly critical part of any machine or structure. These pieces of hardware usually join two or more materials together, either permanently or temporarily, so start by asking yourself some basic questions:

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    The Critical Factors You Need to Know When Choosing a Fastener Supply Company

    Supplies are vital for running any business—without raw materials, you can’t resell or manufacture anything. The question is: With countless vendors out there, how do you determine who the right supplier is?

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    These Are the Questions you Should Be Asking Potential Fastener Suppliers

    You’ve narrowed down your fastener specifications—but now you are wondering, “Which supplier should I use?”

    Having a supplier who truly knows the industry is crucial. You need a supplier who can source the right products from top manufacturers and also has knowledgeable, quality customer service. In order to find out if you are talking with the right supplier, start by asking these questions:

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    Keeping American Fastening Brands Great

    It is natural for American fastener manufacturers to struggle with the high cost of production, dynamic cost changes in raw materials and to always search for ways to improve efficiencies and boost their bottom line.

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