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[Infographic] A Professional's Guide to Huck Bolts

HuckBolts® offer an outstanding alternative to traditional nut-and-bolt hardware; delivering functionality when welds simply won’t work. Featuring an exclusive locking groove design that ensures a tight fit, HuckBolts® provide superior fastening performance regardless of which lock bolt type you require. Easier to install and more durable than welding, adhesives, or conventional threaded fastening systems, HuckBolts® have been the professionals’ choice for decades.

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4 Tips for Using Steel Structural Blind Bolts

With many heavy duty, industrial applications, regular fasteners usually don’t make sense. For jobs where one side of the workpiece is unreachable or where welding isn’t an option, steel structural blind bolts are the perfect permanent and secure solution.

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Vibration-Resistant Fasteners: Advantages of the Huck 360® Powerbolt

From snowmobiles to rail joints, excavators to farm equipment, vibration can lead to costly—and sometimes dangerous—fastener failures. The key to maintaining installation integrity? The Huck 360® powerbolt, which is the most impressive vibration-resistant fastener on the market today.

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