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6 Recommendations for Vibration Resistant Fasteners

Traditional fasteners loosen under vibration. No matter how hard you tighten them, nuts and bolts will loosen with time if they are subjected to regular shaking. In order to solve the problem, engineers developed new types of vibration-resistant fasteners, so today you have a variety of fastener types from which to choose.

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Tools to Install Blind Bolt Fasteners

Blind bolt fasteners continue to gain popularity because they offer cost-effective performance. They can secure short clamp lengths and create a lasting bond. They stand up well in high-stress applications, including when there’s heavy and constant vibration. Blind bolts are also quick and easy to install. In fact, with the right blind bolt fastener tool, they can be installed at rates from 150-500 pieces per hour

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How to Choose the Correct Blind Rivet Size

Blind rivets are high-performance fasteners that are long-lasting and can be set from one side of a joint. They are easy to install and form a tight, permanent bond that resists vibration and corrosion. That’s why blind rivets are widely used in a variety of industries, from agriculture to automotive to consumer electronics. However, as with any type of blind bolt or rivet, to get lasting performance you have to use the right materials and the right blind rivet size.

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Top Specialty Fasteners to Keep Your Eye on in 2020

It’s a new decade, and as we enter 2020, there are new products and trends emerging in every industry, including fasteners. Although you may not think of industrial fasteners as an innovative business, there are some trends worth noting and some specialty fasteners of which you should be aware.

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Huck BOM: Engineered for a Sturdy, Vibration-Resistant Joint

Blind fasteners have been around for decades, but manufacturers continue to find new ways to improve them. They make them out of better materials with improved designs and new features and benefits that make them easier to use. One of the most popular and reliable fasteners is the Huck BOM® blind fastener.

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Avdel Avbolt Blind Bolts Perfect for Heavy-Duty Applications

When you need a fastener that is easy to install and designed to last, there is nothing like a blind bolt. Blind bolts are used in place of welds or other types of joints, allowing you to clamp materials together for a lasting joint. They have become common for use in aircraft and automotive manufacturing and in heavy-duty applications such as mining, trucking, and construction.

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