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Avdel Avbolt Blind Bolts Perfect for Heavy-Duty Applications


Avdel Avbolt Blind Bolts Perfect for Heavy-Duty Applications

When you need a fastener that is easy to install and designed to last, there is nothing like a blind bolt. Blind bolts are used in place of welds or other types of joints, allowing you to clamp materials together for a lasting joint. They have become common for use in aircraft and automotive manufacturing and in heavy-duty applications such as mining, trucking, and construction.

What makes these bolts “blind” is they can be installed from one side of a joint quickly and easily. Unlike lockbolt fasteners, which require access to both sides of the joint, blind bolts are inserted into pre-drilled holes, and when they are tightened, they form a bulb on the blind side while the collar clamps on the facing side. The result is a strong connection that lasts and withstands heavy use and vibration, even over time.

The Avdel Avbolt®: Designed for Heavy-Duty Construction and Product Assembly

The Avdel Avbolt structural blind bolt is commonly used for heavy-duty applications, such as bridge building and construction. In fact, the Avbolt was created for use in manufacturing ships, mining equipment, and ground transportation, providing a strong, lasting joint that is durable against continuous vibration.

The Avbolt is designed to form a permanent bond that is both high-strength and tamper-resistant. Its locking feature prevents stems from loosening and can be installed quickly with minimal operator skill and training. Simply place the bolt in a pre-drilled hole and, using the appropriate installation tool, rotate the central pin so it is pulled to create a bulb that creates a tight seal on the blind side. Once the bulb is formed, the collar on the visible side is forced into a tight fit around the pin. The pin is then removed flush with the collar, and the result is a tight connection. The fastener is also easy to inspect for correct installation.

For heavy-duty applications, you want to ensure that the size of the blind bolt selected meets the required shear strength as well as tensile strength. The Avbolt is available in steel in sizes ranging from 3/16-inches to 5/8-inches, making it suitable for a variety of applications.

A Blind Bolt with a Pedigree

Avdel has been making blind bolts for decades. Avdel was originally called Aviation Developments, which provides a clue to the history of the blind bolt.

As the aircraft industry matured, manufacturers starting making airplanes out of metal rather than wood and fabric, which called for a new kind of fastener that was strong and reliable. The company developed the Chobert® Speed Fastening® system, which is still being used today as a substitute for rivets. This fastener was the first blind fastener to be adopted in manufacturing, and it proved so effective in making aircraft that it was soon adapted for other applications as well.

Since the company was first formed in 1936, Avdel has developed a diverse range of blind fasteners for all applications and industries. Recently, the company has been developing fasteners for composite materials; high-strength, thin-gauge steel; die-cast magnesium; and other materials.

The company also manufactures a range of fastener installation tools that can handle various types of blind fasteners and blind bolts with different pull strengths for different needs. Avdel’s blind bolt installation tools range from high-powered hydraulic system tools, to handheld pneumatic tools, as well as cordless battery-operated tools. These tools are built with an ergonomic design in order to reduce operator fatigue while maintaining efficiency. The Avdel 7300 is a pneudraulic tool lightweight enough for handheld use. The Avdel Enerpac Pro is a self-contained hydraulic pump unit designed for high-powered use in extreme conditions.

Finding the Right Avbolt

Avdel offers a wide range of steel Avbolts, including different sizes for different uses. To find the right Avbolt for your installation, review the manufacturer’s specifications for optimal strength and performance or consult one of our fastener experts.

Bay Supply has a staff of qualified fastener experts ready to help you find the Avdel blind bolt or tool for the job. We offer one of the largest inventories of fasteners in the industry, electronically catalogued to make it easy to find what you need. Parts, accounts, and prices are specific to each customer, and our trained staff helps you manage your fastener inventory, including special orders, so you have the parts you need when you need them.

Bay Supply also has a complete catalog of fastener tools of all sizes for any application, and is a Factory-Authorized Repair Center. We stock engineering specifications, data sheets, product sheets, tool manuals, manufacturer catalogs, and other resources to help inform your purchase.

If you are seeking guidance in choosing the right heavy-duty blind bolts, or any type of fastener, contact the Bay Supply team. Our experts are here to help you find the right fasteners at the best price.

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