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5 Lockbolt Installation Tips

There are always situations in manufacturing and construction where welds just can’t do the job. When assembling products for automotive, container manufacture, aerospace, railway, mining, and so on, you need a reliable, fail-proof joint that can withstand stress and vibrations. That’s when it’s time to look at lockbolts.

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Inventory Hacks: 4 Ways to Keep Fasteners in Stock in Manufacturing

Inventory management can bog down your productivity, not to mention hurt the bottom line. How often do you run out of fasteners, and how many people take unnecessary time out of their work days to track down additional inventory? These disruptions result in wasted time and wasted resources.

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How to Make Buying Fasteners Online More Efficient

With thousands of fasteners available for purchase online, you need a wholesaler that can deliver an efficient shopping solution. This means a company that lets you narrow down your options to find the fasteners you need—quickly and efficiently—and delivers them with that same commitment.

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Buying Fasteners Online? Look for these 4 traits

Although fasteners might seem like nothing more than a small piece to a much larger project, they’re actually an incredibly critical part of any machine or structure. These pieces of hardware usually join two or more materials together, either permanently or temporarily, so start by asking yourself some basic questions:

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The Critical Factors You Need to Know When Choosing a Fastener Supply Company

Supplies are vital for running any business—without raw materials, you can’t resell or manufacture anything. The question is: With countless vendors out there, how do you determine who the right supplier is?

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Huck BobTail®: When you Need Faster Installation and Higher Strength with LESS Noise and Overall Cost

Why are so many end-users moving up to the Huck BobTail® fastener system? You get the answer in just two seconds – the time it takes to properly install and QC a BobTail® lockbolt!

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Make Use of Substitute/Alternative Items

Bay Supply offers a number of top brands, imports and our own brand of BayFast fasteners in order to serve the economic demands of our distributors.  We have invested many resources in cross-analysis of fastener specifications to establish substitute or alternative brands at various price points. When a distributor identifies a desired fastener on our website and visits the item detail page, below the item specifics are a list of Substitute/Alternative brands offered that meet exact or similar specifications of the item sourced.

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First Choice for All of Your Tool and Installation Needs

Have you seen the latest generation of high-power cordless riveters? Step right up and let Bay Supply CEO Clifford Bernard tell you about his current favorites.

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