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    4 Considerations When Buying Multi-Grip Rivets Online

    Precision is essential for many manufacturing and construction applications. Sometimes the required precision can vary across applications, and even among different areas of the same application.

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    2018 Mashup—Insights from Our Top Six Most Read Blog Posts

    Over the past year, our team at Bay Supply has been working diligently to be your go-to source to learn all about the top engineered fastening and riveting system brands. At Bay Supply, we aim to provide not only the most comprehensive inventory at the lowest prices; we strive to provide a wealth of informative resources to the engineering and manufacturing community, too.

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    Will Your Rivet Tool Withstand Your Workload? Matching the Right Tool to the Job

    Whether you oversee an assembly line, manage a repair shop, or are a do-it-yourself enthusiast, you always want to use the right tool for any task at hand. Failing to follow this basic principle can dent productivity and negatively affect the quality of whatever you are constructing or repairing. That’s disappointing for a DIY fan or hobbyist and it’s costly for a business.

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    The Hands-Down Hottest Fastener Kits for Work or Home

    The idea of rivets and heavy-duty metal fasteners often conjures up images of serious industrial uses: airplanes, skyscrapers, bridges, and assembly lines. However, rivets also offer functionality and durability for a wide variety of home improvement projects and goals.

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    2 Types of Plastic Pop Rivets, Their History, and Uses



    This is perhaps the second-most famous quote from The Graduate, right after “Mrs. Robinson, you’re trying to seduce me!” This advice on what Dustin Hoffman’s character should focus on his future was played for a few laughs, but was also sage: Five decades later, plastics are everywhere, including industrial applications.

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    Designing for Reliability and Fatigue-Free Work: Goebel Riveting Tools

    Your tools first and foremost must be reliable no matter what line of work you're in. They should perform consistently and be intended to make the job easier for the consumer. Ergonomically designed to reduce fatigue on the body, and longer use on the job site — the Goebel Riveting Tool Family provides this.

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    What Are Avseals, and How Can They Benefit Your Applications?

    For some applications, a tight seal plugging a hole isn’t a luxury—it’s mandatory. Leaks of air or fluid are simply not acceptable, and you must have confidence that the seal you supply will perform as expected, even if you don’t have access to one side of the hole during installation.

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    7 Applications for Nutserts and the Right Tools to Use

    Blind rivets provide outstanding fastening functionality in places where you don’t have access to one side. But what if your application requires something a little less permanent than a rivet? What if you want to be able to undo bolts, but keep your options open to reinsert them as needed? And what if you can’t see the other side of the surface you are working on?

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    Are Your Fasteners Lightweight Enough for Your Application?

    In modern manufacturing, especially in transportation, lighter is the becoming the new standard.

    Vehicles that aren’t as heavy tend to get better mileage and fuel efficiency (including getting more from the charge on electric vehicles), are better for the environment, reduce structural fatigue, and can even improve performance. Increasingly, manufacturers are deciding lightweight manufacturing is smart business.

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    Advantages of Steel Blind Rivets and Their Common Applications

    With their impressive formability, strength, and durability, steel rivets are one of the most common—and long-lasting—fastening materials on the market. According to Assembly magazine, they’re also one of the oldest blind rivets: “The first steel blind rivets were developed for use in the auto industry during the Great Depression.”

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