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    The Difference Between Open and Closed End Blind Rivets and Their Uses

    Whether you’re installing an LED sign or repairing a boat, knowing the differences between open- and closed-end rivets is vital. Here are some of the crucial differences to be aware of so you can pick the right blind rivets for your job.

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    Buying Fasteners Online? Look for these 4 traits

    Although fasteners might seem like nothing more than a small piece to a much larger project, they’re actually an incredibly critical part of any machine or structure. These pieces of hardware usually join two or more materials together, either permanently or temporarily, so start by asking yourself some basic questions:

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    Pop Rivets vs. Blind Rivets: What You Need to Know

    Blind rivets, pop rivets, POP® rivets—what’s the difference? In the world of fasteners, the subtle differences in hardware can make a huge difference to the success and quality of your project.

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    7 Common Industrial Fasteners and Hardware Pairings

    Industrial customers use a wide range of fasteners. From Closed-End rivets to Tri-Fold (T) rivets and from general-purpose to high-clamp assemblies, there is a rivet for your job. Whether you’re manufacturing appliances, building recreational vehicles, or assembling computers, there is a rivet that is right for you.

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    5 Common Misconceptions About How Blind Rivets Work

    Blind rivets are the most popular fasteners for a wide range of applications—from the tiniest electronic printed circuit boards to the largest high-rise. With new rivet designs and tool-setting technology, blind rivets are the easiest, fastest method for joining an assembly.

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    How Much Do You Know About Breakstem Blind Rivets?

    Who wouldn’t be interested in a system that delivers increased installation speed, installation adjustment, and removal flexibility, all while eliminating foreign object damage? Let’s take a look at one of the newest developments in fastener technology, breakstem blind rivets.

    Breakstem fasteners, also known as blind rivets, provide the efficiency you need when joining components and diverse materials that vary in thickness and composition. With a blind rivet, you can tailor the fastening solution to fit your specific requirements for the application.

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