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    Why Are Cordless Rivet Guns Gaining So Much Popularity?


    Why Are Cordless Rivet Guns Gaining So Much Popularity?

    No matter the job, you want to have the right tools, especially when you are driving rivets. Having the right type of rivet gun makes that much easier to produce a solid result. While the basic design of the rivet gun remains unchanged, there have been a number of advances over the years, including the adoption of cordless rivet guns, especially for driving blind rivets.

    Blind rivets, which are driven from one side to create a strong bond, were first developed for use in airplane manufacturing. Where solid rivets originally required two assemblers, one on either side of the panels being riveted together, blind rivets can be installed from one side, making assembly faster and easier. Pop rivets were invented in Scotland before World War I, and the first steel blind rivets were used to make automobiles during the Great Depression.

    As blind rivets became more durable, they needed more powerful tools to install them. Pneumatic rivet guns or pneumatic hammers were the standard tool for years, using a hose to deliver compressed air to power the rivet gun. Over time, different types of rivet guns evolved for different applications. There are five basic types of rivet guns: the one-shot, the slow-hitting gun, the fast-hitting gun, the corner riveter, and the squeeze riveter. 

    However, all of these rivet guns require pneumatic pressure, which requires a cumbersome hose connected to an air compressor. Though this type of pneumatic rivet gun may work on an assembly line, it becomes more challenging when you need portability. It’s tough lugging a hose and compressor around the shop or a construction site, which is why cordless rivet guns are gaining popularity.

    Portable Rivet Driving Power

    Cordless rivet guns provide the same power and capabilities as pneumatic rivet guns, but they use battery power rather than a pneumatic hose, making them ideal for a wide range of applications. Since they are designed to be portable, they can be used almost anywhere, including in hard-to-reach places. They also are ergonomically designed so they are easier to handle for any job.

    In addition, the cordless rivet gun design continues to improve. They are lighter than ever before—usually weighing under 10 pounds, including the battery—making them easy to carry and use. Battery technology also continues to progress. The new generation of lithium-ion batteries deliver longer-lasting power in a more compact design. A single battery charge can drive hundreds of rivets, and batteries are easy to swap out, although recharge time is usually under two hours.

    And portable rivet guns can accommodate all types of rivets and lockbolts. They are ideal for blind rivets as well as tubular, solid, split, and drive rivets. There are cordless rivet guns specifically for Huck bolts and rivet guns that can accommodate a wide range of rivets and lockbolts. Your rivet gun supplier can help you choose the right cordless rivet gun for your needs. 

    If you look at the current generation of cordless rivet guns, you will find they are all incredibly easy to use—just point and drive the rivets home.

    A Cordless Rivet Gun for All Uses

    The portability and ease of use of cordless rivet guns provides a multitude of benefits, including:

    • Easier use for repairs and maintenance work: Building repairs often require you to use tools in tough or tight places. Whether you have to drive rivets on a rooftop or to connect ductwork, having a compact, all-purpose cordless rivet gun available saves you time and grief. 

    • More convenient manufacturing: Cordless rivet guns are not only more convenient and easier to use in the shop, but they can be safer, as well. Using cordless rivet guns eliminates cables and hoses strewn across the shop floor. It also streamlines your workspace while ensuring consistency for every rivet.

    • Ability to work anywhere: No matter where the job takes you, your cordless rivet gun goes with you. It operates in the shop, on the road, or even in the most remote construction locations—no power needed. 

    Bay Supply offers a variety of cordless rivet guns for virtually any application, including units with adjustable pull force controls. You can find a cordless rivet gun to drive split rivets, solid rivets, and blind rivets, including guns suitable for multiple types of jobs. If you need help finding the right cordless rivet gun for your needs, contact us and we will be happy to help.

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