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What are Pop Rivets?

Although the name “pop” is widely used as a generic term for blind rivets, it started out as a brand name for a specific style of rivet patented by the George Tucker Eyelet Company, which was acquired by the United Shoe Machinery Corporation (USM). USM later became part of STANLEY Engineered Fastener, which now owns the POP® trademark.

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Goebel: High Quality Hemlock Blind Rivets, Rivet Nuts and Tools

Goebel Fasteners Inc. is one of the leading makers of threaded inserts and tools. Bay Supply has been an authorized distributor of Goebel threaded inserts and tools for more than a year, and we wanted to share some of the specifics about Goebel threaded inserts and tools so you can see why they are becoming popular.

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What Kind of Power Rivet Gun Do I Need?

With several different types of riveting tools available—manual, pneumatic, and battery-powered—how do you know which is right for your job?

Although manual riveters are great for small jobs, power riveters are key to efficiently meeting production demands and maximizing labor costs. Here are some of the most important considerations to make sure you choose the right tool for your application, as well as our picks for pneumatic and battery-driven power riveters.

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Bay Supply Announces the Launch of Revolutionary Bay-Auto-Quote System for the Fastener Industry

FARMINGDALE, N.Y., July 28, 2023 ( -  Bay Supply, the leading Online Marketplace serving the fastener industry, has announced the launch of its innovative Bay-Auto-Quote management system. The new system is designed to streamline and revolutionize how buyers and sellers interact and transact in the fastener industry.

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Why Intercorp Partners with Bay Supply

The term "fasteners" covers many products, including rivets, blind bolts, lockbolts, threaded inserts, and more. One of the biggest fastener product categories is screws, and one of the biggest North American screw manufacturers is Intercorp.

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How to Install Solid Rivets

Solid rivets are perhaps the oldest known fastener. Rivets have been found in archaeological sites and are still used in construction, manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, boat building, and for hundreds of other applications. Rivets outperform screws, bolts, and even welds, but rivets must be properly installed to create a tight and lasting joint.

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Top Pneumatic Lobster Tools


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How to Choose Drill Bits for Professionals


For fasteners to deliver maximum performance, you need clean, precise holes to accommodate them. Blind rivets, threaded inserts, lockbolts, and other fasteners should fit snugly in a clean hole to prevent pullout, fatigue from movement, and other problems. To drill precise holes, you need precision drill bits.

Choosing the best cutting tools for the job is always a consideration, whether you are setting fasteners in the factory or the field. That includes choosing drill bits from leading manufacturers, such as Champion Cutting Tool Corp.

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Why ATLAS Partners with Bay Supply

ATLAS is one of the best-known makers of fasteners, especially rivet nuts, and the Bay Supply Marketplace offers nearly 6,000 Atlas products. ATLAS has rivet nuts and threaded inserts for every industrial application, although they’re most commonly used in automotive manufacturing and transportation.

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What Is a Threaded Insert Riveter, and How Do You Use It?

Rivets are always the best type of fastener for the job. Sometimes you want the security of a rivet but may need to remove a part. Or you may have thin or fragile materials that can’t handle conventional rivets. That’s when blind threaded inserts may be a better choice, which means you need the right threaded insert riveter to do the installation.

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