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Product Spotlight on POP Avdel ProSet XT Range Rivet Tools


Product Spotlight on POP Avdel ProSet XT Range Rivet Tools

When you want speed and efficiency for fastening applications, there is nothing like a rivet. Rivets are versatile and permanent, which is why they are commonly used in aerospace, automotive, railroad manufacturing, heavy machinery, and even electronics. Rivets can be used to connect everything from steel and metals to fiberglass and plastics. But to get the most from any type of rivet, you need the right type of riveting tool, and some of the most popular and versatile tools available are the POP Avdel ProSet® XT riveting tool line from STANLEY Engineering Fastening.

The ProSet XT tool series is comprised of hydropneumatic tools specifically designed for blind rivets, which are fasteners that can be set from one side of a job. The rivet itself is constructed of two pieces: a sleeve and a mandrel. When the rivet is inserted in a pre-drilled hole, the rivet tool pulls the mandrel so it collapses the blind side, forming a tight bond. To finish the installation, the mandrel tail is broken off, leaving the ball head inside the rivet to maintain the seal. 

A Little More About Blind Rivets and Tools

Blind rivets, also known as pop rivets, are popular because they are so easy to install. They are used to manufacture heavy equipment such as farm machinery and mining equipment, for trucks and transportation, to build airplanes, for solar panels, in home construction and woodworking, and even to connect plastic circuit boards. Because pop rivets are so widely used, there are different types of rivet tools available with different characteristics to suit each task. 

There are three basic types of blind rivet tools:

  1. Manual tools are typically used for simple repairs and small jobs and require no extra power. They come in different sizes with a variety of nosepieces and can be used for all types of small jobs, such as in automotive and truck bed repair, by hobbyists, and even for construction applications.

  2. Cordless tools are battery-operated and are ideal for applications where you want more pulling power but don’t want to have to deal with a pneumatic hose. Battery-operated tools are increasingly being used on construction sites and in factories because they offer freedom of movement, and new battery technology is delivering more power and longer charges.  

  3. Hydraulic and pneumatic tools are commonly used for heavy-duty applications such as manufacturing and construction. They are powered by compressed air or liquid and designed to deliver more power at high speeds. The ProSet XT series are hydropneumatic tools and represent the best-available technology for pneumatic riveting tools.

STANLEY’s POP Avdel ProSet XT Tool Family

STANLEY Engineered Fastening invented the pop rivet almost 100 years ago, so it seems fitting that the POP Avdel ProSet XT tool line builds on the tradition of innovation. These tools are versatile and powerful with an ergonomic design that is ideal for anything from small bench use to heavy-duty assembly and engineering applications.

When mounted for assembly work, the tools can be used by either right-handed or left-handed operators. All ProSet XT tools are equipped with a 90-degree, hand-mounted, on/off swivel air hose fitting designed so the hose can be positioned on either side. The units also feature quick vacuum filter access so air can be directed away from the operator. 

Among the innovations and useful features included with the ProSet XT tool series is the patented “quick disconnect” nose housing and jaw case, which makes the tools easier to clean and maintain. The front end can be disconnected without tools, and they can be cleaned without being removed from the workbench or production line. The ProSet XT tools also feature a quick-disconnect mandrel collection system (MCS), which safely gathers spent mandrels for quick and easy disposal, eliminating waste metal around the workspace that can pose a safety hazard. The MCS also features an air isolation switch that stops air flow when the MCS is disconnected.

All the tools in the ProSet XT line are designed to be lightweight and high-performance with a high force-to-weight ratio. They feature integral exhaust valves for faster setting cycles and have a comfortable trigger that requires little force to activate.

There are four different blind rivet tools in the POP Avdel ProSet XT line, each designed with different applications in mind.

ProSet XT1 – The Lightweight

The ProSet XT1 is nicknamed “The Lightweight” because it weighs in at 2.57 pounds (1.17 kg), or 2.36 pounds (1.07 kg) without the nosepiece hardware, which is light enough to make it easy to handle for long periods. It is a compact pneumatic/hydraulic power tool that is frequently used in production line applications. It has an ergonomic design that makes it easy and comfortable to use, and it operates at a relatively low noise level of 77.95 dB(A).

The ProSet XT1 will set 2.0-mm micro rivets, as well as regular rivets with diameters of 2.4 mm (3/32 inches) and 3.2 mm (1/8 inches), in any work surface. It can also set all-steel open-end rivets up to 4.0 mm (5/32 inches). The tool also has a clear, quick-release bottle to catch mandrels as part of the MCS.

Although it is light in weight, the ProSet XT1 offers one of the highest force-to-weight ratios available in a blind riveting tool at 5.55 kN/kg with a pull force at 5.5 bar of 6.5 kN. It also features an 18-mm stroke with an approximate cycle time of 0.4 seconds. 

This blind rivet tool also features the ProSet quick-disconnect nose housing and jaw case for easy maintenance and repair. In fact, both front- and rear-end components can be readily accessed for cleaning without tools. A rubber base helps prevent damage to the tool, and it is designed with the latest lip seals to extend time between re-priming, as well as piston-bearing rings to maximize its functional life.

ProSet XT2 – The Flexible

For more versatility, the ProSet XT2, also known as “The Flexible,” can handle a wide range of breakstem blind rivets, including rivets with diameters of 3.0 and 3.2 mm (1/8 inches), 4.0 mm (5/32 inches), 4.8 mm (3/16 inches), and 5.0 mm in all materials. It can even accommodate high-strength structural stainless-steel rivets thanks to an impressive force-to-weight ratio of 7.18 kN/kg and a pull force of 8.9 kN at 5.5 bar. 

The Flexible is relatively lightweight as well, weighing in at 1.26 kg or 2.78 pounds (1.15 kg or 2.54 pounds without the nose equipment). It features a 20-mm stroke with a cycle time of 0.6 seconds and an operating noise level of 77.1 dB(A).

The ProSet XT2 also features the MCS system with the clear, quick-release mandrel collection bottle and a rubber base, and it is designed to offer long, trouble-free operation.

ProSet XT3 – The High Performer 

The ProSet XT3, also called the “High Performer,” can be used to set breakstem rivets, lockbolts, and sealing plugs in a range of sizes. It can set rivets from 4.0 mm (5/32 inches) to 6.4 mm (1/4 inches) in all materials, as well as 4.8 mm (3/16-inch) lockbolts and 9.0 mm (about 3/8-inch) sealing plugs with additional nose assemblies. The ProSet XT3 also has an extremely long stroke at 26 mm, so it can handle longer rivets as well.

To earn its name, the High Performer has a force-to-weight ratio of 7.94 kN/kg with a pull force of 17.0 kN at 5.5 bar and a cycle time of 0.9 seconds. It weighs 2.14 kg (4.72 pounds), or 2.0 kg (4.41 pounds) without the nose equipment. 

Like all the ProSet tools, the XT3 is well-balanced with a comfortable, low activation force trigger, and it features the MCS quick-disconnect mandrel collection system.

ProSet XT4 – The Powerful

The powerhouse of the ProSet rivet tool family is the ProSet XT4, or “The Powerful.” This tool has a pull force of 23.0 kN but only weighs 2.16 kg (4.76 pounds) or 2.0 kg (4.41 pounds) without the nose equipment. The Powerful has a force/weight ratio of 10.65 kN/kg, with an 18-mm stroke and a 1.0-second cycle time.

The ProSet XT4 is versatile as well as powerful, and can set rivets from 4.0 mm (5/32 inches) to 6.4 mm (1/4 inches) in diameter, as well as lockbolts from 4.8 mm (3/16 inches) to 6.4 mm (1/4 inches) in diameter and sealing plugs from 6.0 mm to 12.0 mm in diameter (additional nose assembly required). It is ideal for Avdelok®, Maxlok®, and Avtainer® lockbolts, also made by Avdel. Even though it has lots of power, the ProSet XT4 has an ultra-high-tension piston rod for maximum tool life with hydraulic dampening to promote smooth operation.

The tool features the Avdel quick-release MCS mandrel collection system with quick vacuum filter access to direct air away from the operator. It also features the left/right, on/off swivel air hose fitting, which helps save energy and increases versatility.

All of the Avdel ProSet tools are engineered to deliver consistent performance for many years. Whereas most manufacturers offer a two-year warranty on blind rivet tools, POP Avdel offers a lifetime warranty on all its ProSet XT tools. The warranty covers the components of the tool itself but does not cover front-end replacement parts such as the jaws and nosepieces.

When shopping for riveting tools, you want to make sure you choose equipment that is hearty and built to last, but also comfortable and easy to use. Whether you need a riveting tool for a production line where it will perform a single function or for other applications where you need more versatility, the POP Avdel ProSet XT family can accommodate your need.

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