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5 Popular Cordless Rivet Guns to Buy


5 Popular Cordless Rivet Guns to Buy-min

Cordless tools offer a new degree of freedom, whether you are working at your bench, in the production line, or on the job site. This is especially true of cordless rivet guns. Eliminating the pneumatic hoses makes it easier to use handheld riveters in tight locations, and the power and battery life for cordless rivet tools continues to improve, so they can be used for most riveting applications.

The new generation of cordless riveting guns offers a variety of strategic advantages:

  • Most cordless tools are lightweight—well under 10 pounds—which makes them easy to use for extended periods.
  • They have an ergonomic design that reduces unnecessary effort.
  • They are extremely durable and provide years of service with minimal maintenance.
  • The latest lithium-ion battery technology delivers reliable power for longer periods with faster recharge times.
  • Cordless rivet guns offer consistent performance, driving fasteners home so you know they will stay.

As demand for cordless rivet guns increases, manufacturers are developing new models. Below, we profile five of the latest and most popular cordless rivet guns from five different leading tool makers.

  • Gesipa Accubird – Made with German engineering, the Accubird from Gesipa is a 14.4-volt cordless rivet gun that can accommodate nosepieces from 3/32 to 3/16 inches. It comes with a 14.4-volt, 1.3-amp hour lithium battery, but a 2.6-amp hour battery is available as a separate add-on. The Accubird has a built-in tool balancer and an area to hold nose tips, including a nosepiece removal ring, and it features an easily removable rear cup to catch spent mandrels. The tool comes with a charger for the snap-in battery and features a brushless electric motor for lasting, maintenance-free service. The Accubird is made of high-impact plastic for light weight, so it only weighs 4.85 pounds including the battery. It also has a 3/4-inch stroke with 1,900 pounds of pull force and can handle rivets of all materials.

  • Huck Makita BV2200 – The Huck Range Force™ battery-powered rivet gun from Huck is an adjustable force installation tool. It has an electronically adjustable pull force and a long stroke and is designed for structural and non-structural rivets up to 1/4 inches, including two-piece HuckBolt fasteners. Its stroke is 1.18 inches with a pull force of up to 2,200 pounds. It comes with an 18-volt, 5 amp-hour lithium battery and weighs 4.9 pounds with the battery.

  • Lobster R1B1 – Manufactured in Japan by Lobster, the R1B1 is a compact cordless riveter with a 1.5-second cycle time. It uses a 14.4-volt, 1.4 amp-hour lithium battery that charges in less than an hour (a 3.0-amp hour battery is also available) and features a built-in mandrel collector and an LED spotlight. The R1B1 can handle rivets from 3/32 inches to 3/16 inches, features a 0.866-inch stroke, and weighs 4.19 pounds.

  • POP PB2500 – From Avdel, the new POP PB2500 is a rugged, heavy-duty cordless rivet gun that uses standard DeWalt 20-volt, 2.0-amp hour batteries. It weighs only 3.8 pounds and can accommodate 1/8-, 5/32-, and 3/16-inch nosepieces, which are included with the tool. The PB2500 has a 0.984-inch stroke with a pull force of 1,900 pounds and is well balanced, with the mandrel collector mounted in the middle of the tool.

  • Atlas RIV750 – The Atlas RIV750 features a 0.787-inch stroke with a tensile strength of 2,922 pounds and can accommodate standard rivets for all materials up to 4.8mm. It uses a 14.4-volt, 1.3-amp hour lithium battery and weighs 4.85 pounds with the battery. It also features a mandrel container at the rear of the unit, and mandrels can be dispensed using gravity either into the nosepiece or the rear container.

These are just five of the latest cordless rivet guns to come to market. You can expect to see more battery-powered riveters in the future as battery power and charge times continue to improve and cordless rivet tool design becomes more powerful and compact. As these new cordless riveting tools come to market, you can be sure that Bay Supply will include them in our catalog.

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