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    Make Use of Substitute/Alternative Items

    Bay Supply offers a number of top brands, imports and our own brand of BayFast fasteners in order to serve the economic demands of our distributors.  We have invested many resources in cross-analysis of fastener specifications to establish substitute or alternative brands at various price points. When a distributor identifies a desired fastener on our website and visits the item detail page, below the item specifics are a list of Substitute/Alternative brands offered that meet exact or similar specifications of the item sourced.

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    Using the Bay Supply Website places the power at your fingertips! Save time and build profits!

    There has never been anything like the new website. Designed specifically for Distributors, this data-rich and dynamic portal delivers unprecedented power to find, order and track shipments of fasteners, power, and manual tools, tool parts and accessories, adhesives, sealants, and tapes.

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