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    How to Install a Speed Fastener System

    When you have a large assembly job that requires lots of blind rivets, there is nothing like a speed fastening system to shorten time to completion. As a fastener distributor, we work with all types of fasteners and fastener systems, and we have seen how speed fasteners save our customers time and money. And just as it is important to match the right fastener to the job, you also have to match the right speed installation setup to the task.

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    Essential Definition: What Is a Speed Fastening System?

    In every industry, time is money. The more time it takes to complete any task, the more time it takes to complete the job and the more that job costs. In manufacturing, construction, repair work, and related fields, efficiency matters; the less time it takes to get the job done, the more you can produce and the more you can lower your costs. That’s why fastener distributors are seeing more demand for Speed Fastening systems.

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