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7 Common Industrial Fasteners and Hardware Pairings



Industrial customers use a wide range of fasteners. From Closed-End rivets to Tri-Fold (T) rivets and from general-purpose to high-clamp assemblies, there is a rivet for your job. Whether you’re manufacturing appliances, building recreational vehicles, or assembling computers, there is a rivet that is right for you.

The POP and Avdel brands together produce many types of specially engineered structural and non-structural blind fastening systems used across the board for industrial purposes.

Here’s a roundup of seven applications and some of the different fasteners used for each, with a focus on POP Avdel fasteners.


Manufacturing appliances and white goods requires a variety of specialized fasteners and tooling to ensure durability, quality, and an attractive finish. High-load-bearing fasteners are not required in appliance assembly; speed and cost are the most important factors.

Using low-cost POP Avdel breakstem rivets and lightweight power tools results in fast cycle times. Other fasteners used in appliances include threaded inserts for plastics and self-locking thread systems.

Recreational Vehicles

The recreational equipment sector includes both on- and off-road vehicles from snowmobiles, ATVs, and golf carts to RVs, motorcycles, and watercraft. A common denominator for fasteners used in manufacturing recreational vehicles is the need for high strength to maintain joint integrity in the face of tough conditions, coupled with aesthetic appearance to satisfy customer demand.

Examples include low-cost POP Avdel breakstem rivets for assembling cabinets and other interior RV features, as well as high-strength POP Avdel HR (high-retention)/Avinox rivets, which provides the vibration resistance necessary to prevent attachment failures for motorcycle exhaust systems.

Computing and Electronics

For consumer electronics devices, computers and peripherals, and networking and telecommunications equipment, fasteners must be compact and small enough to fit on printed circuit boards and inside devices and panels. Examples include screws, rivets, inserts, threaded standoff pillars, pull-thru countersunk blind rivets, and speed fasteners used in multi-head assembly stations.

Medical Devices

As with electronics, fasteners for medical equipment and lab instruments must fit into limited space—for example, miniature threaded fasteners for pneumatic quick-disconnect couplers and connectors. Fasteners in this market are typically made of highly corrosion-resistant materials that can be easily sterilized.


The auto manufacturing market calls for a wide array of fasteners designed with high strength and vibration resistance, while reducing the weight of the vehicle. For assembling car doors, sunroof assemblies, or body structures, POP self-piercing rivets speed up the process of joining aluminum sheets. RECOIL Wire Inserts provide anchoring threads for engine oil and transmission pans. The two-piece, pintail-less Huck BOBTAIL lockbolt delivers high performance, vibration resistance, and reliability for anchoring seating structures.


With strong vibrations and frequent exposure to water, chemicals, and salts, pumps present a harsh chemical and mechanical environment. The Avdel Avseal series of fasteners is ideal for hole-sealing applications in pumps, with simplified preparation allowing rapid installation and lower assembly cost. Helicoil threaded inserts made of hard stainless-steel wire provide permanent internal screw threads to accept fasteners in the soft machined or cast aluminum pump material.

Building Interiors & Lighting

Assembling components for building interiors and lighting systems calls for fasteners that can accommodate varying grip thicknesses and different materials, while providing low costs and fast assembly times. The perfect solution for metal garage doors, POP multi-grip rivets reduce inventory complexity by allowing the same rivet to be used in more than one application. For light fixtures, Avdel NeoSpeed speed fasteners reduce both costs and installation time, while the unique rib design of the POP HR rivets accommodates larger primary holes in thin sheet metal without causing deformation or fractures when assembling school and gym lockers.

For additional reading on common applications for different rivets, check out these Huck brochures:

For help in selecting the right fastener for your industrial application or to request a quote, contact the experts at BaySupply.com.





As a summary, here are the takeaways from today's post:

What are Common Industrial Fasteners and Hardware Pairings?

  • Appliances: High-load-bearing fasteners aren't required; speed and cost are the most important.
  • Recreational Vehicles: Needs high strength for joint integrity and have aesthetic appearance.
  • Computing and Electronics: Must be compact and small enough to fit on printed circuit boards.
  • Medical Devices: As with electronics, fasteners must fit into limited space.
  • Automotive: Calls for a wide array of fasteners with high strength and vibration resistance.
  • Pumps: Fasteners must endure a harsh chemical and mechanical environment.
  • Building Interiors: Must accommodate varying grip thicknesses while providing low costs.