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    How much do you know about Breakstem Blind Rivets and finding the “perfect match”?


    Breakstem Blind Rivets | Bay Supply

    Who would not be interested in a system that delivers increased installation speed, installation adjustment and removal flexibility, all while eliminating foreign object damage? Let’s take a look at one of the newest developments in fastener technology, tangless coil thread Inserts.

    Leave nothing to chance. Bay Supply has been supporting global manufacturers with best-in-breed technical know-how, deep inventory of the top USA brands, and all of the installation systems expertise to get the job done right at the right price. Here’s some useful information on Breakstem Blind Rivets.

    Joining components and diverse materials that vary in thickness and composition is a fundamental aspect of Breakstem fastening systems. The flexibility to meet a wide range of customer requirements ensures that an optimal fastening solution can be tailored to the needs of the application.

    The wide range of Breakstem fasteners can be used to fasten a variety of materials including soft, brittle and thin metals and plastics. They are designed to meet the highest quality standards and built to resist the toughest environmental extremities.

    Breakstem rivets are used in a variety of commercial and consumer manufacturing including: White goods, automotive, building and construction, furniture, lighting, restaurant equipment, truck, transit and railroad, patio furniture, renewable energies … to name but a few.

    From conceptual design to the finished product, every element of design and application is available to Bay Supply’s customers. We have highly skilled product application engineers on hand to support your fastening requirements and recommend the best solution for your joining needs. In every case we see ourselves as not only a provider of fasteners, tools and accessories, but as a fastening solution partner with the ability to support our customers and help to improve their assembly performance.

    Wide range of designs in a variety of materials.

    The Breakstem rivet product range is now more extensive than ever. A wide choice of head styles, finishes and sizes is available as standard and new products have been introduced in a variety of materials such as aluminum, steel and stainless steel.

    Originally introduced as a standard open-end POP style rivet, Breakstem rivets have evolved into a wide range of styles designed to tackle a variety of application challenges. Stavex®, Avex®, Avibulb® XT, Avinox® XT, Monobolt® and Klamp-Tite® Breakstem fasteners offer multi-grip capability. By accommodating many variations in material thickness, just one fastener can be used in several assembly applications, reducing inventory, time and costs.

    Closed end rivets should be specified for all of the applications where a fully sealed fastening is essential. This rivet design produces a seal that prevents passage of liquid or vapor at pressures up to 100 psi. Magna-Lok, HuckLok®, Magna-Grip, Monobolt®, Orlock, Stavex® and Avex® fasteners offer exceptional hole fill. Expanding to fill oversize, irregular, slotted or misaligned holes, they create a high strength, vibration-resistant joint.

    For positive stem (mandrel) retention, many of today’s modern Breakstem rivets have a retained stem which provides strong, vibration resistant joints without electrical problems or rattling often caused by loose stems. For additional strength, Magna-Lok, Monobolt®, Interlock® and Klamp-Tite® stems are mechanically locked into the shell head while the splined stems of HuckLok®, Hemlok® and Q Rivet fasteners form interference locks.

    For structural applications where load-bearing structural joints are requiredAvibulb® XT, Avinox® XT, Hemlok®, Q Rivet, Magnabulb, Autobulb, Magna-Lok, Orlock, Interlock® and Monobolt® Breakstem rivets have been designed to offer high shear and tensile strength.

    For the ultimate strength in blind Breakstem riveting, Huck BOM® (Blind, Oversize Mechanically locked) fasteners from Huck/Arconic Fastening Systems and Rings are so strong, one can do the work of up to four conventional fasteners.

    There is not a more vibration resistant blind fastener than the BOM, or one that works harder in so many different applications. Featuring a unique push-and-pull installation design, the BOM fastening system is tough enough for military vehicles and equipment, auto suspensions, amusement park rides, rail car assembly, and shaft steel storage and retrieval racks. Even the most demanding high-tensile application is no match for the strength of the BOM fastening system.

    Because installing BOM fasteners is so easy, a worker can learn the installation procedure in just 10 minutes, eliminating the need to hire certified welders or specially trained employees. And because they install from just one side, BOM’s can be used in all blind side applications.

    At Bay Supply we are here to help you match the correct Breakstem rivet to your application, and offer the right installation tools to get the job done quickly and professionally.

    Still not sure what to use? Give us a call.

    Customers tell us that one of the key reasons they prefer working with Bay Supply is our institutional knowledge of “what works best,” based on 55-years-plus longevity of experience. Bay Supply works with Distributors across all industries to deliver fastener solutions. Matching just the right rivet to the specific job is what we do all day, every day.  Bay Supply is all about “Bolt Integrity.”

    If you are not 100% confident about ordering the right fasteners, or if you are interested in possible alternatives, speak with Bay Supply Product Tech Specialists Richard (“RJ”) Nappi, Anthony Trapani, or Nick Ryan at 1-516-294-4100 / 1-800-718-8818. Email: info@baysupply.com.

    Visit our state-of-the-art website for additional technical information and easy online ordering: www.BaySupply.com.