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Video: Unboxing the POP Avdel PB2500 - Battery Tool for Blind Rivets


Pop Avdel PB2500: https://www.baysupply.com/products/pb2500-na-pop-tools-pop-ba-pb2500-na

Hey, everybody. It's Cliff Bernard from BaySupply.com, your blind fastening technology experts, back with another unboxing video. Today we are working with the brand new POP Avdel from Stanley Engineered Fastening, PB2500, 20 volt, cordless, blind riveting tool. Let's take a look at the package and we will show you how it works.

Nice, durable, plastic carrying case. I'll open it up and show you how it looks. Got the tool itself. Rubberized grips. Nice, durable setup. Uses DeWALT batteries. This is a 20 volt system, 2.0 amp power. Takes the full line of DeWALT batteries from all their construction and metal-working tools that are available at most of the home centers.

And, it comes with three setups. You have a 1/8th diameter, a 5/32nds diameter, and a 3/16ths diameter nose piece. Tool comes with a 3/16ths nose piece right on the tool, and then you have a little bag with the two other nose pieces, the 1/8th and the 5/32nds diameter tips, and the drop pushers that go with that. Let's take a look and put the battery on, and give it a try.

The tool weighs 3.5 pounds. It's a 20 volt DeWALT system. It has a pull back stroke of .985 inches, about a one inch stroke. It has 1,900 pounds of pull force. It's capable of installing 3/32nds, 1/8th, 5/32nds, and 3/16ths rivets in all materials. Here's what it sounds like... under load. And, we're going to take some blind rivets here. We've got 3/16ths POP rivets, typical style blind rivets. Got a test plate here, and we're going to do some installations for you. Put the rivet in the tool, and pull the trigger.

The nails are collected in this clear carrying system that's right in the middle of the tool. The tool is nicely balanced. It has rubberized grips. It's quite durable. It can withstand impact in most of the rugged production environment use that you see. Let's try one more. I'll put the rivet in the tool. That's how it looks. Test plate. Here's how we open the mandrel collection unit. You pull back on this little spring-loaded clip, you open the window, there's the spent mandrels.

So, that's our brief review, unboxing, and demonstration of the new Stanley Engineered Fastening POP Avdel PB2500 cordless, 20 volt, blind riveting tool. Please visit us at BaySupply.com where you'll see a full selection of Stanley POP Avdel tools, fasteners, rivets, inserts, and a variety of repair equipment and accessories. We have great technical support. Give us a call and we can out you in touch with one of our technicians that can go over any type of application or repair question you might have. Visit us on Facebook, and on our YouTube channel. And, if you like what you see, please subscribe. Once again, we appreciate you guys being with us, and we'll catch you on the next go round for the BaySupply.com unboxing installation tool system videos.