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Video: Unboxing of POP Avdel PB3400 Cordless Blind Riveting Tool



Cliff Bernard: Hey everybody. It's Cliff Bernard and Scott Brooker from BaySupply.com. We're here today with an unboxing video on the new POP Avdel PB3400 cordless blind riveting tool. Let's go through some of the features of this tool and give you an idea of how it comes packaged and what it looks like.

Cliff Bernard: The tool comes in an attractive, rugged carrying case. POP Avdel is part of STANLEY Engineered Fastening, which is the same company that owns DeWalt. Some of the things you're going to see when you look into this kit here is you're going to see some of the DeWalt branding and DeWalt batteries that are world-renowned for their durability and long battery life. That's been incorporated into this new tool.

Cliff Bernard: The tool is designed for three-sixteenths and quarter-inch diameter blind rivets and has especially good performance with the new structural rivets that are out on the market today. You may be familiar with products like Monobolt, Magna-Lok, Hemlok, Avinox, and Avbolt. These are all structural blind rivets that tend to retain the center stem, or mandrel as they call it, and really plug the rivet solid where the two pieces of material cross what they call the shear plane. So this is really a cordless tool designed for the heavy-duty products, the heavy-duty riveting products that are on the market today. Let's take a moment now and Scott will walk you through the packaging, what's included in the tool kit, and some of the features of the tool.

Scott Brooker: So let's go ahead and open up this ProSet 3400 here. So it comes here in this molded case. Turn it around here. We'll open it up here. And here, I'll show you what comes here. Includes the tool, two batteries, charger, the setup, and of course a manual.

Scott Brooker: Okay, so we'll go ahead and set the tool up now. We're going to set up for quarter-inch diameter rivets. We're going to take and mount on our quarter-inch nose tip to the integral housing here. It's very heavy-duty. And this screws together here.

Cliff Bernard: I actually noticed that these integral nose tips with the nose piece and the outer housing are really beefy metal.

Scott Brooker: Yes, so there is no chance of stripping or damaging the nose housing.

Cliff Bernard: Stripping of the nose housing occurs often with lower-quality tools.

Scott Brooker: Yes, exactly right. So then we just screw this here right onto the front of the tool and we just tighten it up. This is no wrench here to put this on the tool, just tighten it hand-tight. And then we'll go ahead and we'll test it out, see how it works.

Cliff Bernard: What kind of a rivet are you setting today?

Scott Brooker: We're going to set a Huck structural rivet.

Cliff Bernard: Quarter-inch diameter Magna-Lok rivet.

Scott Brooker: Quarter-inch.

Cliff Bernard: Magna-Lok.

Scott Brooker: Structural, yeah, structural Magna-Lok. And here we just set it in the tool, set it here. We'll just give it a squeeze. Once it's set, release the trigger, and you can just rotate the tool backwards there and it'll drop off the spent mandrel right into the collection.

Cliff Bernard: So here again, we're really impressed with the quality and the durability of the PB3400. It's got the renowned DeWalt battery system. You can pick up batteries easily for this tool in a variety of different sizes. It's nice that they give you the four amp-hour size with the package and two batteries. The tool is beautifully balanced. Got a nice rubberized grip, easily removable mandrel collection system up here. And just overall a really fine example of a heavy-duty durable quarter-inch and three-sixteenths diameter capable structural capable riveting tool.

Cliff Bernard: Our website, where you can check out all our products—including a wide variety of insert tools, riveting tools, lockbolt tools, and much more, as well as all the fasteners that go with these tools—is BaySupply.com, where orders ship free over $99, and we have an amazing inventory. We generally ship same-day on every order that we get. If you need help, we're here at your disposal. Give Scott a call: 800-718-8818. You can send us email at info@baysupply.com. We'd love to hear from you. Our social contacts—we have a YouTube channel you can subscribe to, we're on Twitter, and we're also on Facebook. If you see us on social media, give us a like, let us know what you think about our videos. And we just love your feedback and we appreciate your support. We'll see you next time. Thanks again. Bye.

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