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Unboxing and Review: GESIPA AccuBird Pro 2200 Brushless Cordless Riveting Tool



Designed for speed, the AccuBird Pro 2200 (part 1457652) has a brushless motor and boasts four times the speed of pneumatic tools. It features auto-stop and auto-reverse functions as well as an LED to illuminate the workpiece.

Length: 10.98" (279mm)
Manufacturer: GESIPA
Manufacturer Part#: 7320002
Height: 11.42" (290mm)
Traction Power: 2,248 lbs (10,000 N)
Stroke: 0.984" (25.00mm)
Work Capacity: All / 3/32"-3/16"
Operating Voltage: 18.5 Volt
Battery Charger: 100-240 V/50-60 Hz
Battery: 18 V Li-Ion/2.1Ah
Weight with Battery: 4.41lbs (2.00kg)

Hey, it's Cliff Bernard from Bay Supply.com back at you with another unboxing video. Today we're here with the Gesipa Accubird Pro 2200 18 volt brush less cordless riveting tool. Let's open up the case and see what we got.

Got this nice attractive blue carrying case. Gesipa is one of the leaders in cordless tools. They probably had the first cordless tool out on the market, the original Accubird. This is the new released Accubird Pro version of the original Accubird. It's got a lot of new improvements. Let's go through and see what we got. This is what you get in the case. You get a nice durable carrying case, operating manual, the tool itself, nice new slim design that they've incorporated. It's not as boxy as the original Accubird. Here's the 2.1 amp hour battery that comes with it. There's a charging indicator on the battery. Here's the quick charger. It's about a 30 minute charge time and what's nice about this tool is that has a built in hanger bracket on the top here, if I can get my fingernail under it. There you go. That's what that looks like. And this is the manageable cup moves from the back of the tool. A nice sturdy, heavy duty, rubbery, rubberized kind of cup. And on the side of the tool you have a little nose piece wrench here. You have a three 30 seconds, one eight five 32nd and a three 16th step on the tool. You got four tips. Once again, three 30 seconds, one eight, five 30 seconds and the three 16 so you get four tips. It's a full range tool. It's got, let's go through some of the specifications. As I said, 18 volt system. It's a 4.4 pound weight with the battery on the tool. It's 2250 pounds of pull force, so it's a mid range tool designed for pretty much standard blind rivets from three 30 seconds, little tiny rivets all the way up to the three sixteenths diameter rivets.

Let's set some rivets and we'll go through and show you how it works. All right, let's set some rivets here. We've got a thin test plate, some short three 16th blind rivets. We're going to put the blind rivet in the tool, bring the test plate onto it. There you go. Back into the collection bottle. That's what it looks like. Let's do a couple more just so you get an idea. This time I'll put the rivet in the actual test plate, bring it into the tool. Helps if you can get it in the nosepiece. Now that noise is what you get when the battery is starting to run down low. We only charged this for a few minutes when we started it up this morning, so that's actually a low battery indicator audio warning that you get, which is nice and nice feedback built into the tool.

Let's do one more. And what's nice about the low battery warning is the tool doesn't drop dead when that happens, you still have quite a bit of power left in the tool, but it reminds you to get that thing in the charger when you're, pretty soon. There you go. And again, nice rubberized grips, super heavy duty German motor and a really nice upgrade over the original Accubird that was released probably a good 15 years ago. This is now their latest version, the Accubird Pro 2200. So we appreciate you being with us again for another unboxing video today. We went over the features and the way the operation works on the Gesipa Accubird Pro 2200.

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